Manage Your Own Web Content

Part of creating a great website, is also thinking about tomorrow. Building out a rock-solid solution that looks beyond this today is strategic. That’s why the majority of my projects involve setting the new site into a content management system (CMS) which will allow you to securely login to your website and make your own updates.

A few examples:

Perhaps you want a photo gallery on your site, but don’t have a ton of images to start. You’ll need the ability to upload new images or delete existing ones off. No problem, the tool on back-end can do that. No need to pay someone else, when you can quickly and easily do it yourself.

login into a content management system to manage your website

What if you move your business or change email or phone numbers? No problem, you can get into the content and make the changes and deploy them real-time. No waiting, no additional out of pocket expenses. You control your content, not some geek you can never reach when you need him/her.

What if you need multiple editor accounts, workflow and access for various employees to enter content? No problem, we can handle that easily and give you the keys of control.

With a content management system for your website, you can add web pages, delete pages, create blogs, link to social content, add products to an online store, upload media, create password protected and hidden pages – all on your own. Get in touch with me to learn more.